Russian exoskeleton RnD company

заставка3 копия

LLC ExoMED is a Russian research and production company, established in Kursk for commercialization of scientific results from the robotics laboratory of Southwest State University.

Our key products:

- powered lowerlimb exoskeleton ExoLite, including design, fabrication and development. Created for verticalization and walk of people with lower limbs disorders, it suits for patients with a wide range of diseases and can be used in rehabilitation centers and at home, requires no crutches and other accessories. 

ExoLite keeps the hands free for all activities and exercise. Wheelchair users may have a risk of numerous complications caused by a sedentary lifestyle. ExoLite offers different health benefits and provides access to a wide range of patients, allowing them to stand, do exercise and walk.

- Industrial exoskeleton ExoHeaver produced for workers to assist load lifting