Rehabilitation devises

Rehabilitation platform ExoLite Rehab

        Multifunctional rehabilitation complex ExoLite Rehab is a completely Russian development that includes:
  • Assistant exoskeleton ExoLite;
  • Power frame equipped with a counterweight and a sensor system;
  • Intelligent control unit for the complex.
  • Multifunctional rehabilitation complex ExoLite Rehab is designed for rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal disorders, which combines the principles of telemedicine and modern information technologies.
  • The complex is based on CPM-therapy (Continuous Passive Motion) - this is a modern method of rehabilitation, aimed at restoring mobility in the joints. CPM-therapy helps to increase the volume of movement in the joints, reduce pain, remove swelling, prevent thrombosis and other diseases.
  • The effectiveness of the complex lies in the fact that the patient's movement is made in the exoskeleton according to individually developed trajectories and patterns of motion. The patient, according to the course of rehabilitation prescribed by the doctor, chooses the necessary amplitude of motion, speed, strength and pause when flexing / unbending the joint.
  • Thanks to the application of the set of principles of telemedicine and modern information technologies, the patient is given the opportunity to undergo a personal rehabilitation course, being at a distance from his attending physician, and also to monitor progress in the exercises.
       Advantages of the rehabilitation complex:
  • Telecontrol and modern information technologies for data analysis;
  • It is possible to use low-frequency vibration in the exoskeleton;
  • High-intensity therapy of the patient with progress monitoring;
  • Lateral walking and an additional step in the frontal plane;
  • The walking model can be reflected in real time, which motivates the person to take further action;
  • Promotes the formation of motor skills from scratch;
  • Provides a physiological repeatable pattern of walking;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Free warranty service;
  • Low cost due to production in Russia.