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Lower Limb Exoskeleton ExoLite

The lower limbs exoskeleton ExoLite is designed for people with reduced mobility and can be used for rehabilitation in the musculo-skeletal system, assists after the effects of strokes and other diseases. The exoskeleton ExoLite hands-free robot — entirely Russian product, established in Kursk.

ExoLite motion is generated by special actuators which provide the power to move a user up to 90 Kg.
Originally developed control system is based on several microchips forming the pattern of a custom movement which has been developed to ensure stability throughout all the phases of walking cycle.


ExoLite allows to: stand up/go down, turn, go forward/ backward, stand on one leg, walk on different surfaces, even ramps.

Exoskeleton is user friendly – all the functions are activated with the help of joypad. Exoskeleton for home use is indispensable. You can use it all day long thanks to high capacity Li-Po batteries.


ExoLite doesn’t require crutches, giving you freedom to use your hands, remaining stable. Protecting the health of  shoulders is important, as well as the ability to use your hands, which is why it is designed to allow hands-free standing and walking.

ExoLite also offers rehabilitation exercise opportunities for users at home (standing, walking, stretching, weight bearing).


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