Rehabilitation devices

Reabilitation device ExoArm

Mechanotherapy devices are widely used for effective recovery of functions after fractures, muscle ruptures, after endoprosthetics, arthroscopy and arthrotomy, in osteosynthesis. Until recently, professional mechanotherapy was available only for athletes and astronauts, but the emergence of the domestic device of rehabilitation of the elbow joint ExoArm makes home mechanotherapy real.
For whom

It is designed for the primary restoration of the injured joint, the removal of edema, the development of muscles, the elimination of inflammatory processes and pain sensations. At the initial stage, the mechanotherapy for ExoArm is carried out with an assistant who sets the parameters of the movement. Then the patient can perform the exercises by himself, controlling the device with the help of ExoArm.

What for

Use of the ExoArm device allows to increase the efficiency of treatment, to shorten the terms of rehabilitation of the elbow joint. ExoArm allows you to adaptively reproduce customized movements of the patient's arm, including flexion / extension and pronation / supination.


The rehabilitation device has compact size, can easily be installed on the table surface, does not require additional installation work. Control is carried out with a convenient remote control, equipped with a color display and joystick. The device easily adjusts to the patient's size and has a low power consumption.

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