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Center of 3D printing

The production of 3D models is the most important modern tool for designing objects in various industries - from interior design to engineering. Our center provides 3D printing services for FDM-technology - layer-by-layer fusion of a polymer filament.



ABS plastic - shock-resistant thermoplastic, it has found wide application in industrial manufacture. The printed products withstand temperatures up to 100 ºС, have a slightly rough surface, are distinguished by their durability, moisture resistance, strength and at the same time have a slight elasticity.
3D printing from ABS plastic is used in engineering, for the production of prototypes and cases of various devices, in architectural design, in medicine, in the production of souvenirs, decorative elements, molds and various household items.


For printing, the modern Dutch printers of Leapfrog are used. The maximum possible size of products is 320 x 240 x 250 mm,
The thickness of the printing layer is from 200 to 50 microns.
File format for printing: * .stl

The cost of 3D printing depends on the volume of the model:
From 20 rubles per 1 gram of product.
Postprocessing of the product is calculated additionally.

PLA-plastic is a thermoplastic, biodegradable and biocompatible plastic based on lactic acid, therefore it is one of the most environmentally friendly and perfectly suited for the manufacture of prototypes and functional items intended for medical or food use, pins, drug storage systems, biodegradable Packaging, food containers and disposable tableware.


Savings: Digital technology reduces financial costs when preparing and launching production

Quality: Printing on 3D printers allows you to get quality products of any complexity

Speed: Reduction in production times compared to traditional methods of production

Creativity: Infinite creativity.
Did you get a good idea? Do it with the help of 3D-printing

Experiments: You can experiment - type several versions of the model and select the optimal one.

Laser cutting and engraving takes place on CNC machines, which allow cutting and engraving of almost any sheet materials (steel, aluminum, plywood, plexiglass, plastic, etc.).


Laser cutting and engraving is a modern fast tool for cutting and cutting out complex shapes from sheet material. In this case, the products are beautiful, durable and inexpensive. Our center has unique equipment for laser cutting and engraving of various materials, such as plastic, wood, glass, aluminum, rubber, granite, leather and others. The laser finds its application not only in the areas of prototyping and engineering, but also in the fields of advertising and design.


In the process of vector engraving, the laser beam outlines the outlines of letters or logos.

Advantages of laser engraving:
• Obtaining an image of almost any complexity;
• high speed of material processing;
• absence of mechanical contact with the material;
• drawing images on any surface;
• wear resistance of the resulting image.

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